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At CWCSL, we are committed to providing a challenging, experiential learning environment to develop students’ confidence, potential, and individual responsibility as true citizens of the world.

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For the quickest response to most inquiries, contact us at info@cwcsilverlake.org

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Our Locations

4345 Lockwood Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029
(co-located with Lockwood Elementary School)
p: (323) 705-9882

1st Grade
1133 N Mariposa Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029
(co-located with Ramona Elementary School)
p: (323) 738-5553

2nd-5th Grade
5616 Carlton Way., Los Angeles, CA 90028
(co-located with Grant Elementary School)
p: 323.462.2840

6th & 7th Grades
221 S. Juanita Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004
p: 213.760.8934