About Us

At CWCSL, we are committed to providing a challenging, experiential learning environment to develop students’ confidence, potential, and individual responsibility as true citizens of the world.

Arrival & Dismissal Times

Morning Care begins each day at 7:30 am at the elementary campus. Morning Care is $50/month for families that pay full price for lunch and $20/month for families that pay the reduced price for lunch. Make sure your child has breakfast before they arrive at school, and that you sign them in at the front desk.

After School programming is available from dismissal until 6 pm.

TK-K 8:35am (dropoff window 8:20-8:35) 2:50pm (pickup window 2:50-3:05) 1:30pm (pickup window 1:30-1:45)
1st 8:35am (dropoff window 8:20-8:35) 3:00pm (pickup window 3:00-3:15) 1:30pm (pickup window 1:30-1:45)
2nd 8:20am (dropoff window 8:05-8:20) 3:00pm (pickup window 3:00-3:15) 1:40pm (pickup window 1:40-1:55)
3rd-5th 8:20am (dropoff window 8:05-8:20) 3:20pm (pickup window 3:20-3:35) 1:40pm (pickup window 1:40-1:55)
6th-8th 8:05am (dropoff window 7:30-8:05) 3:30pm (pickup window 3:30-3:45) 1:30pm (pickup window 1:30-1:45)